Ashley Miller

Party Girl Extraordinaire


Ethan thinks he can save you. How cute.
You talked about Jared and Pittman fucking. He’s not too keen on that.
Sydney was rummaging through Slate’s shit. Oh well, not your problem… But you could use that later.
Wasn’t Vinny that trans kid that David knew? Oh shit.
Slate got really pissy when you walked in on them praying or something. You didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but they certainly seemed flustered.



Hot 1
Cold 2
Volatile -1
Dark 1
Sharp 1


Cold as Ice
When you Shut Someone Down and roll a 7 or higher, you may choose an extra option from the list.

  • They lose a String on you
  • If they have no Strings, gain one on them
  • They gain a Condition
  • You take One Forward

Patience is a Virtue
When you bite your tongue and don’t respond to an antagonist, roll with Cold.

  • On a 10+ gain a string on them
  • On a 7-9 take one forward to striking the next time you see them.

You give someone a string on you to add 3 to your attempt to Turn Them On.

Doomed Outsider
When trying to drive others away from you or escape their care, you can take advantage of your own Conditions.

Excuses Are My Armour
When you ignore some blatant problem with your Lover or how they treat you, mark experience.

When you have sex, heal all your wounds and cure all conditions. If they disgust you, give them a string. If you disgust yourself, give them a string.

Your body is a prison. It doesn’t belong to you. You must suffer because you deserve it. You need to forget what’s happened to you. You must take back control. To escape your darkest self, you must find something new to experience.



Ashley Miller grew up around the San Francisco area. A single child from a distant family. Things weren’t always so bad. Trips to the Monterey Bay aquarium and the beach are her favorite memories from childhood. Those vacations instilled a love for the ocean in her.

By the time she was 9 she realized not everyone’s parents slept in separate rooms. She hardly saw her parents due to their busy work schedules and when she did, they often faught. She spent less and less time at home as she got into high school. Ash was busy being a teen with friends and the swim team.

At 16 years old, she found herself at a party some upperclassmen were throwing. That’s where she met David. David Chambers was a friend of the guys who were hosting. The party got a little out of hand, but Ash loved the rush. David flirted with her all night and they ended up making out.

After that David never left Ash’s side and she was grateful for the company. For the first time in Ash’s life someone was paying attention to her. Even when Ash would hangout with friends, David always made sure to check in. David came from a well off family, so he bought clothes for her and would pick her up from school in his nice mercedes. After she graduated she moved in with him officially and they spent two years together. David eventually cheated on Ash and they broke up.

She moved back in with her parents and they found out about her drug habits. They freaked out and told her to get clean. Shortly after that, Ash received a full ride scholarship to White Mountain University in Alberta, Canada. Her parents were so enthusiastic that she applied herself to her schooling and got her on the first plane they could. Leaving everything she knows behind. Maybe being in a different country will help her get her mind off David.

Ashley Miller

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